Is Your IT Company Always Available To Help You?

In addition to a range of standard managed services, such as cloud storage and backup, remote maintenance, and more, Midwest Networking Services supports Sherry and the JDS Masonry staff by always being available to help when something goes wrong.

You may have an IT company’s phone number on hand, but do they pick up when you call? If you just have a basic question you need answered, are they ready to help? It’s for these reasons and more that JDS Masonry chooses to work with Midwest Networking Services.

For more than three decades, JDS Masonry, Inc. has been delivering high-quality masonry products to the St. Louis area. With 60 employees in the field, JDS Masonry is an active organization and needs a well-maintained IT environment in order to get their work done. However, it’s not until a few years ago when they started working with Midwest Networking Services that they experienced truly responsive and helpful IT services.

What IT Support Painpoints Had JDS Masonry Been Dealing With?

As they’ve grown over their many years in business, JDS Masonry has worked with a few different “IT guys”, but never really found one that was responsive enough or prepared to deal with their scope of business.

“We’ve been in business for 32 years, and we are very loyal, but with the technical aspect of our company, we got the short end with the other people we worked with,” says Sherry Schmidt, owner of JDS Masonry. “The two different guys we had, the one guy was with us for quite a while, and we just sort of outgrew him. The second guy was more geared for small companies.”

Despite hiring these solo technicians to help support their systems, Sherry and the JDS Masonry staff often got the impression that they weren’t a top priority.

How Did JDS Masonry Connect With Midwest Networking Services?

As luck would have it, a representative from Midwest Networking Services came to visit the JDS Masonry offices to find out more about their IT needs, and determine how they could be of service.

“They just cold called us one day,” says Sherry. “They were very knowledgeable, they spent about an hour with us to see what we had and what they could do for us. They were very personable”.

What Does Midwest Networking Services Do For JDS Masonry?

In addition to a range of standard managed services, such as cloud storage and backup, remote maintenance, and more, Midwest Networking Services supports Sherry and the JDS Masonry staff by always being available to help when something goes wrong.

  • Patch Management
    On one occasion, Sherry had trouble getting her computer to work after installing the latest updates to an accounting program.“A lot of times I have updates to our accounting program, and one time I had things go wrong at the end of the day on a Friday, and it was really bad,” says Sherry.

    She called up Midwest Networking Services, who had a technician come out right away. They fixed the computer over the course of the weekend and had it ready to go for Sherry first thing Monday morning.

    “Their technician came and took the computer, and had it fixed and brought back and set me up on Monday morning so I was ready to roll,” says Sherry. “Now when I have an update to do, I call them, and have them log in and help me with that stuff.”

  • IT Projects And Vendor Management
    When JDS Masonry needed a new phone system installed, they relied on Midwest Networking Services to handle the deployment on their end, and liaise with the vendor so that everything went according to plan.“We had a new phone system installed, and for the entire process they worked with the provider and myself,” says Sherry. “So that went very smoothly, a lot more smoothly than I thought it would.”
  • Hardware And Software Management
    Midwest Networking Services also helps JDS Masonry keep track of what programs they could benefit from using, and which hardware and software will need to be replaced – before it becomes a problem.

    “They encouraged us to get Microsoft Office 365, and they told us what else needed to be upgraded,” says Sherry. “They give us a heads up when something will be discontinued, before you’re screwed.”On another occasion, Sherry was unsure of how to go about finding the right printers to replace their old ones in the office. All she had to do was call Midwest Networking Services to get advice.

    “I was looking for a new printer and asked them, and they sent me pictures of two printers that they liked and so I went ahead and ordered those,” says Sherry.

Is JDS Masonry Satisfied With Midwest Networking Services?

“I am not an IT person at all, so I really rely on them,” says Sherry. “They have been fantastic”.

In addition to these many examples of responsive support, Midwest Networking Services has continued to deliver support, IT consulting, and more as need be to JDS Masonry.

“I can honestly say I don’t have any suggestions for them to improve because they are phenomenal,” says Sherry.

Should You Partner With Midwest Networking Services?

The Midwest Networking Services team is proud to offer responsive IT support and effective IT solutions to assist businesses like JDS Masonry whenever they need help.

But don’t take it from us…

“They are fantastic, we’ve been with them for quite a few years now,” says Sherry. “They’re on the ball, and I have referred them to a number of other people. I could not be more pleased, and I would never shop around. I love them, they’re fantastic.”

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