Can You Effectively Scale IT With The Growth Of Your Company?

Do you have the knowledge to make sure your technology keeps pace with the growth of your staff and organization? This is just one of the many goals that Midwest Networking Services helps McCay Tool + Engineering Co. achieve.

Scale IT With The Growth Of Your Company

IT needs to be scaled to support the change in size a given company may undergo. But that’s easier said than done. Do you have the knowledge to make sure your technology keeps pace with the growth of your staff and organization? This is just one of the many goals that Midwest Networking Services helps McCay Tool + Engineering Co. achieve.

Often when you talk about IT services, it’s about immediate results and short-term projects.

Assess cybersecurity vulnerabilities and fix them. Replace the faulty server and run software updates on the desktops. Redo the network cabling and deploy new Wi-Fi devices.

What’s talked about far less, and is just as important, is the big picture. Scaling an IT infrastructure to grow with a business over the course of years. Maintaining cybersecurity in the long term.

This can often be the difference between an average IT company and an exceptional one. After all, almost anyone can come in, install new hardware and software, and call it a day. It takes expertise, planning and commitment to manage an IT environment effectively for years.

That’s what Midwest Networking Services does for McCay Tool + Engineering Co., a St. Louis manufacturer. Working with both the US government and other clients around the world, McCay Tool + Engineering Co. specializes in precision machined parts for major aerospace companies.

Why Did McCay Tool + Engineering Co. Need Help From Midwest Networking Services?

Before working with Midwest Networking Services, McCay Tool + Engineering Co. didn’t have a dedicated IT staff. They recognized that they needed help with their IT, especially given that they were working with large corporations and the US government. Those types of clientele required assurances of McCay Tool + Engineering Co.’s cybersecurity standards.

“We needed someone with the knowledge and personal service to help us with our IT needs,” says Chris Schneider, of McCay Tool + Engineering Co. “Also, being a supplier to large corporations and the US Government we needed to make sure we had a partner that understood our security needs and could secure our network from hackers and cyber-attacks.”

They got in touch with Midwest Networking Services while they were looking for a local IT company to work with. Having just started in the business themselves, Midwest Networking Services sent a representative to McCay Tool + Engineering Co. to assess their IT needs.

Among the first tasks that Midwest Networking Services handled for McCay Tool + Engineering Co. was to spec out a new server and configure the company’s first domain – and the rest was history.

Over the course of the following years, McCay Tool + Engineering Co. staff grew rapidly, which required a more robust IT infrastructure to support. Midwest Networking Solutions handled all of this for McCay Tool + Engineering Co.

“We now have over 65 people and MNS has been able to grow with us and keep us current and updated on all our IT needs,” says Chris.

What Does Midwest Networking Services Do For McCay Tool + Engineering Co.?

Over the course of their years of service to McCay Tool + Engineering Co., Midwest Networking Services has handled a number of key IT projects and routine tasks:

  • Server Upgrades: Midwest Networking Services replaces, installs and configures McCay Tool + Engineering Co.’s servers as needed, in addition to other network devices and hardware.
  • Software Upgrades: Comprehensive and regular patch management is a crucial part of proper IT security. Some of the worst data breaches are based on “zero-day exploits”, which are based on exploits found by hackers but not by the developers, leading to severe security risks and an immediate need for patching.Midwest Networking Services manages McCay Tool + Engineering Co.’s patches to make sure their software is up to date.
  • Individual Workstation Monitoring: Midwest Networking Services keeps an eye on McCay Tool + Engineering Co.’s desktops via remote monitoring tools, which make sure that they are performing as needed, and are not at risk of data breaches or hacks.
  • Data Backups: Midwest Networking Services implemented and manages a comprehensive backup solution for McCay Tool + Engineering Co., providing image-based backup and replication capability to protect against data loss.

Is McCay Tool + Engineering Co. Satisfied With Midwest Networking Services?

“We have a network that is running optimally with no downtime and is being constantly monitored for threats and network disruptions,” says Chris. “They have service techs that are dedicated to our network and can monitor and make updates as needed to keep our network running optimally.”

The Midwest Networking Services team is proud to offer responsive IT support and effective IT solutions to assist businesses like McCay Tool + Engineering Co. whenever they need help.