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Strategic Partners and Technical Expertise

The Midwest Networking Services team possesses all of the qualifications St Louis businesses have come to expect from high-quality Managed IT Services providers. Each of our team members has been carefully selected for their business acumen and knowledge.

Are There Benefits For St Louis Businesses That Partner With An IT Support Team With The Right Connections?

St Louis companies that seek to partner with IT support teams with strong vendor relationships and strategic partners gain a competitive edge. These types of partnerships permit IT support companies to gain access to the inside track when it comes to the latest and greatest technology innovations for each industry.

To bring only the very best technology solutions to our valued St Louis customers, Midwest Networking Services has carefully cultivated our list of vendor relationships to ensure that we are working with the most current and effective technology offerings for our clients. These strategic partners allow us to stay ahead of the technology curve by keeping us at the forefront of developments for each industry.

How Does Vendor Become A Strategic Partner?

Since Midwest Networking Services wants to bring only the cream of the crop IT solutions to our valued clients, we rigorously screen all vendors seeking to form alliances with our company.

To bring top-shelf IT products and services to our clients, it is necessary for us to limit our strategic partnerships to vendors whose vision meshes with our own.

An integral part of our company vision is to provide unbiased IT advice to each of our valued St Louis customers. To do this, we must remain technology agnostic, without any express loyalty to any technology giant or one set company. Our primary focus is to help our customers make the very best choices for their business needs.

Midwest Networking Services’ list of strategic partners includes:

  • Microsoft

  • Dell

  • Lenovo

  • HP

  • Fortinet

  • APC

  • Ubiquiti

  • Broadvoice

Training/certification partners:

  • CHSE

  • MCSE

  • A+

  • Network +

  • Fortinet

The strength of our vendor relationships is what allows us to take our service and support offerings to the next level.

Midwest Networking Services is your local team of technology specialists.

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What Is Midwest Networking Services’ Vendor Screening Process?


Top-tier technology vendors are always searching for Managed IT Services providers to partner with. Since technology companies can use very aggressive sales tactics to gain the opportunity for a partnership with a firm like Midwest Networking Services, we use cautious screening procedures to ensure we only align ourselves with technology businesses who are likeminded in values and whose products and customer service are worthy of our endorsement.

Here are the criteria we use in our selection process:

  1. Does this potential supplier have a good track record?

  2. Does this company stand behind their products?

  3. Are this company’s products suited to our clients’ needs?

  4. Have these products been tested and proven to be reliable?

  5. Are the products affordable for our clients?

  6. Does this company have longevity? Do we have confidence that they are here to stay?

These questions form a system of metrics which allow us to determine what hardware and software solutions we can comfortably recommend to our valued clients.

What Are Some of Midwest Networking Services’ Areas of Technical Expertise?

The Midwest Networking Services team possesses all of the qualifications St Louis businesses have come to expect from high-quality Managed IT Services providers. Each of our technicians has been carefully selected for their business acumen and technical knowledge. We use our technical expertise to deliver and continue to improve our core services:

  • Comprehensive IT Care – Managed IT Services

  • Protecting Data and Workflow – IT Security

  • Need IT Help Right Now – On-Site Support

  • Mobility, Collaboration, and Continuity – Cloud Services

  • Support and Migrations for Microsoft Office 365

  • Business Telephone Systems – VoIP Services


What Services Does Midwest Network Services Offer to St. Louis Businesses?