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Voice-over-Internet-Protocol is a popular choice for businesses, reducing costs and increasing flexibility in communications for professionals.

How Will VoIP Services Help My Business Communicate More Efficiently and Save Money?

Voice-over-Internet-Protocol is a popular choice for businesses, reducing costs and increasing flexibility in communications for professionals.

How To Choose The Right Affordable And Reliable Business VoIP Service

Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that enables telephone calls using an Internet connection rather than requiring a wired switchboard or other legacy systems. By using the Internet to carry the signal, VoIP phones save you money by replacing the costly landlines, and the accompanying per-minute long distance charges, with systems that relay signals digitally and offer far more features without impacting your monthly telephone bill.

You can use VoIP on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can also use a desktop or mobile VoIP phones, and between the simplicity and the cost savings, VoIP has become a natural, economical solution for many businesses. Newer VoIP options include hosted VoIP services, which eliminate the need for purchasing hardware since the service provider takes care of the support and maintenance of your entire business VoIP system.

What Advantages Can VoIP Offer My Business?

Cost savings are a major driving force for the widespread adoption of VoIP phones. Furthermore, VoIP call quality is now comparable to the voice quality over a landline while offering many more features.

A business VoIP platform enables you to easily have conference calling with colleagues and customers, remote access and conferencing capabilities, as well as options for using a dedicated VoIP phone in the field. Your entire team can also use VoIP on mobile devices with a quick installation of a mobile app that connects to your VoIP system.

VoIP business systems also enable you to have local phone numbers anywhere in the world at a fraction of the cost of a landline. Distance and international calls are also cheaper when using VoIP. You can stream video over a VoIP connection, including video conference calling involving dozens of people in different locations. VoIP systems’ capability to transfer data has no analog requirements using landlines where you depend on a modem with limited bandwidth to send and receive data.

How Does VoIP Differ From A Landline?

Traditional office phones are limited to voice calls, voicemail, conference calls, and features like the ability to place a call on hold. You may be able to check your voicemail remotely, but other options are likely extremely limited. An enterprise-grade VoIP system offers these basic features but also access to email messages, sharing of video and audio calls and files, practically unlimited data storage, and ability to use VoIP while on the go.

You can also opt for a cloud-based VoIP solution where the service provider handles all IT support and maintenance. A cloud VoIP service allows you to have all your messages in one place and access them from anywhere, any time.


Emerging technologies like virtual assistants are also available with VoIP services, a feature that is unavailable with landline phones.

How VoIP Ensures Business Continuity And Flexibility

A landline can experience technical difficulties due to weather conditions, construction, or hardware failure. A hosted VoIP solution eliminates most of the hardware associated with a landline – you need only a reliable Internet connection.

Cloud VoIP services run on remote servers that are redundant and provide close to 99.9% uptime. This enables a great level of business continuity for both your calls and messages stored in a remote data center.

A VoIP platform for business also gives you more freedom to operate from any location and scale your system up and down depending on your current business needs. A business can have virtual phone numbers attuned for specific locations, and you can redirect these numbers to a single VoIP switchboard.

As a final point, any business can save between 40%-80% in telecommunication costs by switching from a landline switchboard to VoIP service with more features and benefits.

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