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Your Business deserves our Managed IT Services

Technology helps businesses grow, and we take you there. Our trusted managed IT services address your current needs and scale to your growth. Technology is constantly changing, and we are always ready to keep you competitive.

Reduce your risk, improve your uptime and reduce costs with a comprehensive IT plan that cares and caters to your unique business priorities, all with an eye on your growth.

What is Managed IT Services?

It’s when a business gives management of its IT systems to a provider. Often, depending on the business requirements, the servers are moved offsite, data is moved to the Cloud, and it is accessed through the internet. The IT support provider delivers complete care of the client’s IT environment – including security, help desk, proactive maintenance, and operational monitoring within a monthly subscription format.


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What are the benefits of using Managed IT Services?

  • Reduced risk – Onsite backups are a risk. If there is a catastrophic fire or natural disaster, all company data will be lost. Having the backup server onsite means thieves can steal company data by physically removing the server. With Comprehensive IT Care, backups are moved offsite, and through Cloud technology are replicated to multiple sites, adding layers of redundancy. Security is enhanced by having backups offsite and through following best practice security measures.

  • Improved uptime – Midwest Networking Services has levels of redundancy built into our systems that in recent memory were only available to enterprise-level businesses. By using the Cloud and server virtualization – which provide this redundancy – system uptime is improved. Uptime is further improved by having a team of staff available 24/7 to help.

Midwest Networking Services is your local team of technology specialists.

Book your initial technology consultation with our team of St. Louis technology professionals.

  • Reduce costs – IT infrastructure is expensive. By removing the need to purchase or maintain IT hardware, costs are reduced. In-house IT staff are no longer required, reducing costs further. An additional cost benefit is that IT expenditure becomes a predictable monthly expense, one that is easy to budget.

  • Scalable – It takes time to scale in-house IT. A big advantage of using Managed IT Services is its effortless scalability. Simply put in a request for resources and Midwest Networking Services will make it happen quickly and easily.

  • Greater buying power – A small business may not have the ability to purchase the latest and greatest technology. Having Comprehensive IT Care provides access to technology not normally available to small business, at a fraction of the cost.

  • Change Management – Midwest Networking Services follow best practice change management processes, minimizing downtime and business risk.

  • Large IT team – The Midwest team is larger than typical in-house IT teams. This means more IT knowledge and experience are available for your support.

When it comes down to it, you outsource your IT to make your business better. When you want Comprehensive IT Care, Midwest Networking Services are the people to talk to.

What Services Does Midwest Network Services Offer to St. Louis Businesses?

Midwest Networking Services Managed IT Services
Midwest Networking Services IT Compliance  Services
Midwest Networking Services Cybersecurity  Services
Midwest Networking Services Security  Services
Midwest Networking Services Data Backup Services
Midwest Networking Services Cloud Services
Midwest Networking Services Microsoft 365 Services
Midwest Networking Services VOIP Services
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