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At Midwest Networking Services, we’re honest, down-to-earth people who just happen to be IT enthusiasts. We love solving technology challenges and helping our clients gain peace of mind with thoughtful and thorough IT support services.


When we started Midwest Networking Services more than 20 years ago, our main goal was to make technology easy for the end user. That hasn’t changed.

Our honesty, integrity and loyalty to our customers is our signature. We never get tired of hearing clients tell us they appreciate our straightforward approach to their IT challenges. Our reputation has been built on our quick responses and our ongoing commitment to our clients.

We’ll never bog you down with IT terminology or try to sell you something you don’t need. Our honest, hardworking, fun team of technology experts enjoys helping you grow your business with technology solutions.

Our circular Ping logo signifies the unity and thoroughness we strive for with all of our clients. Simply put, we deliver the utmost quality and consideration in all we do. 

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Kathy Sweetnam, Founder

It was the mid 80s when Kathy Sweetnam was working as an office manager and discovered her love of computers. She learned everything she could about them. To her delight, she discovered that there are people who go into business and customize computers for other companies. It spurred her interest in working with computers as a career.

When she started to get job offers in the emerging industry, she picked the role where she knew she would get the most opportunities. It wasn’t long until she was building computers and learning software development.

After moving to St. Louis in 1996, she earned advanced certifications in Novell, Microsoft, and Citrix and worked as a senior network engineer for a number of successful firms.

With the goal of providing customizable services with a focus on clients’ specific technology needs, Sweetnam launched Midwest Networking Services in 2001.


Meet PING!

In our research for the right logo, we knew we wanted to entice an audience that seeks excellent customer service coupled with sterling talent. How could a logo do all of that?

The logo needed to be professional but memorable. We needed it to catch a prospect’s eye in a sea of other logos. We wanted a logo that would represent the quality and consideration that we put into everything we do.

Voilà Ping!

Ping includes an M for Midwest Networking and an Arch for the city MNS calls home, St. Louis. The two triangles used in Ping’s beak represent our stability and professionalism. The circular design signifies the unity and completeness we aim for with each client interaction.

If we put this much work into our logo, imagine the comprehensive approach we take with our clients. Simply put, Ping conveys our lasting mission to serve as Greater St. Louis’s caring and thorough IT provider.

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