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  • Mark Sweetnam

3 Tips To Keep Your Phone Safe

We all love our mobile devices dearly. Without our phones, we’d be lost, roaming the world with no sense of direction (mostly because we’d have no maps). But for some reason, it’s still incredibly easy for us to lose track of our phones – on vacation, at the grocery store, in the movie theater, on a random shopping cart, or in the darkest, deepest corners of a laundry basket.

Whatever the case might be, losing your phone isn’t just about losing your phone; it’s also about losing your data and, potentially, your privacy and financial well-being. So to avoid all of that, here are a few good tips to keep your phone (and all the data inside it) a little safer.

Phone Finding App

The very first thing you should do after reading this blog is to track down a phone-finding app of your choice. These apps can do it all – locate your missing phone, remote wipe its data, or turn on its peripheral features (like the camera). Apple and Android each have a branded version of a phone-finding app, but there are other options such as Lookout or Prey. Lookout, for example, is wholly dedicated to the security and privacy of your mobile devices and can even be used to protect an entire business or all connected devices you have (including tablets and laptops).

Gadget Tracking Gadgets

Another way to track down a missing gadget – or to even make sure you don’t leave a device too far behind – is with a gadget designed for that purpose specifically. Like Tile or Apple AirTag. These gadgets connect to an online account or mobile app to give you the exact location of any missing item. Like your phone. All you have to do is attach a Tile to the back of your phone or slip it into its cover, and Tile will do all the work for you.


Even if you do lose your phone and you’re prepared enough to have a gadget tracking gadget or a phone-finding app, you’re still out of luck if your data is easily accessible; therefore, you must always keep your phone locked. No matter what. Whether you use a pin code, a password, or a fingerprint scan, do something. The harder it is for thieves or any random passerby to get into your phone, the less likely it is that you’ll lose any data.

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